The Van Arsdale Connection

Carol was correct about someone marrying a “Van Arsdale” (Carol’s Notes).  While looking for Andrew Marshall’s guardianship papers, I found a similar filing for Edna Ida (aka “Nina”) Marshall (Henrietta Marshall’s older step-sister), only under her married name Edna Ida Van Arsdale.  Armed with that new info, I was able to find her  in the 1880 census living in Auburn, NY, with her husband John G. Van Arsdale, and their two sons, Arden and Frederick.

Based on reading both guardianship files, I believe that Edna Ida and Andrew inherited the house where the family had lived in New York city.  It was on 52 Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.  The house may have actually belonged to William Henry Marshall’s mother in law, Edna Ida Valentine.  They all appeared to have been living there in the 1860 census.

The reason I believe the inheritance is from the “Valentine” side of the family is because it appears to have been directed to the two children born of Henrietta Valentine and William H. Marshall.  Since none of William Marshall’s other children were included, it seems unlikely the inheritance came from his side of the family.  I have not yet located a death record for Edna Ida Valentine nor a will, but either document should provide compelling evidence whether my speculation is correct.

As for the Van Arsdales, it appears that Edna Ida died young, sometime between 1880 and 1900.  John Van Arsdale is listed as “widowed” in the 1900 census, which shows him living in Geneva, NY.  Their son Fred gets married in Geneva in 1903 to Katherine Kane.  This is just four years after Henrietta Marshall marries Richard W. Murray in the same town.

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