Edna Ida and Andrew Thompson Marshall’s Inheritance

William H. Marshall’s two oldest children received an inheritance in the form of rental income from a house located on 52nd Street in New York City.  As they were both under 21 years of age at the time, a guardian had to be appointed to hold the proceeds for them until they reached 21.  The guardianships were established on 14 January 1874, one day before Edna’s 20th birthday and about a month after Andrew turned 18.

Edna Ida Van Arsdale Guardianship

Andrew T Marshall Guardianship

Edna’s guardianship agreement identifies her as Edan Ida Van Arsdale, though it states she is the daughter of William H. Marshall.  This shows that she had married John Van Arsdale before she turned 20.

It is somewhat unclear as to the exact amount in question.  The initial guardianship papers for both children state that they are to share equally in the annual rent of $800, or $400 each.  However, total to be held in trust for each amounted to $800 for Edna and $2,400 for Andrew.

Apparently, the guardian, George Watkins, was remiss in his duties causing Andrew to file a suit against him in the summer of 1875.  It wasn’t until April 1877 that Mr. Watkins settled his accounts with both Edna and Andrew.

The property may have been the house they lived in before moving to Fleming, NY.  According to Trow’s 1865 NYC Directory, William H. Marshall (cabinet maker) lived at 226 E. 52nd Street.  The 1860 census identified William H. Marshall, with children Edna and Andrew, as a cabinet maker.  If their former house was the source of the inheritance, who owned it?  Since it was divided equally between just Edna and Andrew, it may have come from their mother’s side of the family.  A search of Valentines in the index of probate records yielded the following possibilities:

  • David T. Valentine, Proved 1869, Liber 185, pg 39
  • Henry M. Valentine, Proved 1870, Liber 194, pg 54
  • Charles H. Valentine, Proved 1870, Liber 194, pg 313
  • Catherine S. Valentine, Proved 1874, Liber 224, pg 91
  • William Valentine, Proved 1874, Liber 230, pg 56

NYC Surragate Crt Wills Index Valentine

Other surnames were also checked in the index.

NYC Surragate Crt Wills Index Marshall

NYC Surragate Crt Wills Index Nestel

NYC Surragate Crt Wills Index Thompson

Cayuga Co Probate – Marshall

Cayuga Co Probate – Val – Van

Follow-up questions:

  • Who owned the property on 52nd Street from which they received rent?
  • What became of the property?
  • What did the will say?
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