Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY

Although I thought I’d found something of significance when I came across a number of ancestral surnames in the same plot at Green-Wood, the cemetery informed me that this particular plot was not sold to an individual or family and consist of generally unrelated individuals.  For what it’s worth, here’s a tally by related family name from section 15, plot 17263:

  • Thompson:  21
  • Marshall:  9
  • Murray:  4
  • Ellis:  2
  • Valentine:  1
  • DeLacey:  1

I was not able to track any ancestors to the burial information in the cemetery database.

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2 Responses to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY

  1. Carol Prideaux says:

    All the names are related some way to Murray. Don’t they have any first names?
    My mother’s twin (male) died at birth. Maybe that is where he is buried.

    • rick says:


      There is a Richard Murray buried there about 7 months after your mom’s twin brother (also named Richard) died. I checked with the cemetery and the Richard buried at Green-Wood was 50 some years old; clearly a different person. Your mom’s twin was buried at Trinity Cemetery according to his death certificate.

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