Where is this house?

The house in the background of this photo shows up in a number of family photos dating to the early 1920’s.

Since the family moved from Buffalo, NY, to  Cleveland, OH, around 1920, it’s not clear exactly where this house was located.  A few known addresses offer a reasonable place to start looking.  According to R.E. Murray’s Navy enlistment record of 23 September 1921, his address at the time was 1926 E 101st St, Cleveland, OH and his father’s address was 244 W. Utica Street in Buffalo.  In subsequent Navy records, he gives his sister as next of kin living at 8217 Goodman Ave in Cleveland.  Unfortunately, none of those homes exist today.

Comparing the home’s architectural characteristics, particularly it’s roof style (a hip roof with deep soffits and a gable dormer) looks more like the homes around 244 W. Utica in Buffalo than those on Goodman Ave.  However, a closer look at some other family photos, suggests the home was in Cleveland, though not necessarily on Goodman Ave.

Here are a few other photos with the same house in the background.

notation on the back of the photo at left

 Although the house isn’t featured in this last photo, Ruth’s attire and appearance strongly suggest it was taken at the same time as the framed photo that features the house.  Both also site 1922 and the last one gives the location as Cleveland.  If the photos were taken in Cleveland within a year of my grandfather’s enlistment as appears to be the case, the home was most probably at 1926 E 101st St.

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