Henrietta Marshall

The earliest record I have located for Henrietta Marshall is the 1870 federal census for the Town of Fleming in Cayuga County, NY.   

1870 Census Image for William H. Marshall Family in Fleming, NY

 She is recorded as Henrietta Marshall, age 6, living with her father William Marshall, age 42, and two older siblings, Ida, age 16, and Andrew, age 14.  If this census information is correct, Henrietta was born some time between July 22, 1863, and July 21 1864.  Her death certificate lists her date of birth as 29 February 1876.  Although the birth year on the death certificate in clearly incorrect, the month and day may be accurate, as 1864 was a leap year.  

Ida and Andrew’s mother was Henrietta Valentine, William Marshall’s first wife.  She died in 1858 in New York City as documented in this death notice published in the New York Herald.  As this was six years before Henrietta Marshall was born, Henrietta Valentine Marshall was clearly not her mother.  In fact, the identity of her parents is something of a mystery.  I’ll discuss a few possibities at the end of this article.  

Henrietta’s death certificate identifies her parents as Edward Marshall (born in England) and Mary DeLacey (born in France).  Henrietta was clearly raised by William Henry Marshall.  However, it is puzzling that he would have a daughter with the same name as his deceased wife. 

1870 Census Image for Andrew and Helen Delacey in New York, NY

It is also interesting that William Marshall had a sister Helen, who married Andrew Delacey.  Helen and Andrew are found in the 1870 census living in New York City with two daughters, Florence (age 7) and Nellie (age 4).  



1880 Census Image for William H. and Maria Marshall Family in Fleming, NY

From the 1880 federal census it’s clear that there has been a lot of change in the Marshall household during the 10 years since the last census.  William Marshall has married Maria Peterson, who was shown living with her mother a short distance away from the Marshall’s in the 1870 census.  William and Maria have had two children together, Hattie and Cornelious.  Given that their oldest child together, Hattie, is 7, they were likely married around 1872.  By 1880, Henrietta (listed as Etta in the census) is the eldest sibling at home at age 16.  I have found no additional records of Henrietta from this point until her marriage 19 years later.

Henrietta was married to Richard William Murray on July 5, 1899, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Geneva, NY.  Records of the ceremony include an announcement in the local paper as well as entries in both the county and church registeries.  These records contain several interesting bits of information.

 Henrietta’s age is given (incorrectly) as 28 in both registries and her residence as Geneva, NY.  Her father is identified as W. H. Marshall of Auburn (the city adjacent to the village of Fleming).  It is difficult to make out her mother’s name in the church record (looks like “Mar”) but the civil registery clearly lists her mother’s maiden name as Mary DeLacy. 

Henrietta's gg granddaughter, Sarah Murray, walking down the aisle at St. Peter's Episcopal Church

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