Cayuga County NY Land Records

William H. Marshall purchased land in Fleming, NY, in August, 1867.  Here is a copy of the deed (spans to pages).

I plan to search for deeds where W. H. Marshall was the grantor to see if he sold off parts of his land.  My ulitmate goal is to determine how he came to be destitute.

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Henry Logsdon Info

Here is the 1880 census record for Henry Logsdon (b. 1872).

Henry Logsdon 1880 Census

Here is the 1900 census record for Henry Logsdon (b. 1872).

Here is the 1900 census record for Henry Dean Logsdon:



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Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY

Although I thought I’d found something of significance when I came across a number of ancestral surnames in the same plot at Green-Wood, the cemetery informed me that this particular plot was not sold to an individual or family and consist of generally unrelated individuals.  For what it’s worth, here’s a tally by related family name from section 15, plot 17263:

  • Thompson:  21
  • Marshall:  9
  • Murray:  4
  • Ellis:  2
  • Valentine:  1
  • DeLacey:  1

I was not able to track any ancestors to the burial information in the cemetery database.

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Marshalls in the News

I came across a web site that enables you to search a large number of historic New York State newspapers simultaneously.  It can be a bit tricky since the old papers have apparently been scanned using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which is pretty impressive but not perfect.  Therefore, your search terms may not match an article that it should if the OCR misinterpreted the print.  Here’s what I’ve found so far focusing on William H. Marshall, Maria Peterson (his second wife) and Thomas J. Marshall (his father):

William Halsey obit mention T J Marshall 25 Nov 1852 – A notice that the four year old son of William Marshall’s sister Evelina Halsey died of croup.  Friends of the deceased’s grandfather, Thomas J. Marshall, are invited to attend the funeral.

T J Marshall death notice 11 Feb 1869 – Thomas J. Marshall appears to have been visiting his son William in Auburn, NY, and died while attending a Sunday church service.

T J Marshall funeral notice NY Herald 10 Feb 1869 – A short but interesting obituary.   Mentions his previous employment as the clerk of the Blackwell Island Almshouse and that he was a member of the Free and Accepted Masons.  Since the funeral was held in New York, I assume he was still residing there rather than in Fleming with his son William (whom he appears to have been visiting at the time of his death).  Friends and relatives are invited to attend the funeral from the residence of his son in law (not clear who that is or which of Thomas’s four daughters he’s married to) at 61 St and First Avenue.



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Edna Ida and Andrew Thompson Marshall’s Inheritance

William H. Marshall’s two oldest children received an inheritance in the form of rental income from a house located on 52nd Street in New York City.  As they were both under 21 years of age at the time, a guardian had to be appointed to hold the proceeds for them until they reached 21.  The guardianships were established on 14 January 1874, one day before Edna’s 20th birthday and about a month after Andrew turned 18.

Edna Ida Van Arsdale Guardianship

Andrew T Marshall Guardianship

Edna’s guardianship agreement identifies her as Edan Ida Van Arsdale, though it states she is the daughter of William H. Marshall.  This shows that she had married John Van Arsdale before she turned 20.

It is somewhat unclear as to the exact amount in question.  The initial guardianship papers for both children state that they are to share equally in the annual rent of $800, or $400 each.  However, total to be held in trust for each amounted to $800 for Edna and $2,400 for Andrew.

Apparently, the guardian, George Watkins, was remiss in his duties causing Andrew to file a suit against him in the summer of 1875.  It wasn’t until April 1877 that Mr. Watkins settled his accounts with both Edna and Andrew.

The property may have been the house they lived in before moving to Fleming, NY.  According to Trow’s 1865 NYC Directory, William H. Marshall (cabinet maker) lived at 226 E. 52nd Street.  The 1860 census identified William H. Marshall, with children Edna and Andrew, as a cabinet maker.  If their former house was the source of the inheritance, who owned it?  Since it was divided equally between just Edna and Andrew, it may have come from their mother’s side of the family.  A search of Valentines in the index of probate records yielded the following possibilities:

  • David T. Valentine, Proved 1869, Liber 185, pg 39
  • Henry M. Valentine, Proved 1870, Liber 194, pg 54
  • Charles H. Valentine, Proved 1870, Liber 194, pg 313
  • Catherine S. Valentine, Proved 1874, Liber 224, pg 91
  • William Valentine, Proved 1874, Liber 230, pg 56

NYC Surragate Crt Wills Index Valentine

Other surnames were also checked in the index.

NYC Surragate Crt Wills Index Marshall

NYC Surragate Crt Wills Index Nestel

NYC Surragate Crt Wills Index Thompson

Cayuga Co Probate – Marshall

Cayuga Co Probate – Val – Van

Follow-up questions:

  • Who owned the property on 52nd Street from which they received rent?
  • What became of the property?
  • What did the will say?
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The Van Arsdale Connection

Carol was correct about someone marrying a “Van Arsdale” (Carol’s Notes).  While looking for Andrew Marshall’s guardianship papers, I found a similar filing for Edna Ida (aka “Nina”) Marshall (Henrietta Marshall’s older step-sister), only under her married name Edna Ida Van Arsdale.  Armed with that new info, I was able to find her  in the 1880 census living in Auburn, NY, with her husband John G. Van Arsdale, and their two sons, Arden and Frederick.

Based on reading both guardianship files, I believe that Edna Ida and Andrew inherited the house where the family had lived in New York city.  It was on 52 Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.  The house may have actually belonged to William Henry Marshall’s mother in law, Edna Ida Valentine.  They all appeared to have been living there in the 1860 census.

The reason I believe the inheritance is from the “Valentine” side of the family is because it appears to have been directed to the two children born of Henrietta Valentine and William H. Marshall.  Since none of William Marshall’s other children were included, it seems unlikely the inheritance came from his side of the family.  I have not yet located a death record for Edna Ida Valentine nor a will, but either document should provide compelling evidence whether my speculation is correct.

As for the Van Arsdales, it appears that Edna Ida died young, sometime between 1880 and 1900.  John Van Arsdale is listed as “widowed” in the 1900 census, which shows him living in Geneva, NY.  Their son Fred gets married in Geneva in 1903 to Katherine Kane.  This is just four years after Henrietta Marshall marries Richard W. Murray in the same town.

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Where is this house?

The house in the background of this photo shows up in a number of family photos dating to the early 1920’s.

Since the family moved from Buffalo, NY, to  Cleveland, OH, around 1920, it’s not clear exactly where this house was located.  A few known addresses offer a reasonable place to start looking.  According to R.E. Murray’s Navy enlistment record of 23 September 1921, his address at the time was 1926 E 101st St, Cleveland, OH and his father’s address was 244 W. Utica Street in Buffalo.  In subsequent Navy records, he gives his sister as next of kin living at 8217 Goodman Ave in Cleveland.  Unfortunately, none of those homes exist today.

Comparing the home’s architectural characteristics, particularly it’s roof style (a hip roof with deep soffits and a gable dormer) looks more like the homes around 244 W. Utica in Buffalo than those on Goodman Ave.  However, a closer look at some other family photos, suggests the home was in Cleveland, though not necessarily on Goodman Ave.

Here are a few other photos with the same house in the background.

notation on the back of the photo at left

 Although the house isn’t featured in this last photo, Ruth’s attire and appearance strongly suggest it was taken at the same time as the framed photo that features the house.  Both also site 1922 and the last one gives the location as Cleveland.  If the photos were taken in Cleveland within a year of my grandfather’s enlistment as appears to be the case, the home was most probably at 1926 E 101st St.

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Note for Carol


Hopefully you’ll be able to open attachments here simply by clicking on them.  The first is Richard W. Murray’s social security application:  R W Murray SS-5

And here is a copy of the family tree you gave me back in 2005:  Carol Tree

Also, here is the info that Joann Williams sent me a few years ago.  Joann is the daughter of your mom’s cousin Nina whom she visited in Pocatello, Idaho, in 1923:  Marshall Fam Grp Rec and Marshall Genealogy Notes

Let me know how it works

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Henrietta Marshall

The earliest record of Henrietta Marshall is found in the 1870 federal census for the Town of Fleming in Cayuga, County, NY.

1870 Census Image for William H. Marshall family of Fleming, NY.

She is recorded as Henrietta Marshall, age 6, living with her father William Marshall, age 42, and two older siblings, Ida, age 16, and Andrew, age 14.

 If this census information is correct, Henrietta was born some time between July 22, 1863, and July 21 1864.  Her death certificate lists her date of birth as 29 February 1876.  Although the birth year on the death certificate in clearly incorrect, the month and day may be accurate, as 1864 was a leap year.

Ida and Andrew’s mother was Henrietta Valentine, William Marshall’s first wife.  She died in 1858 in New York City as documented in this death notice from 1858.  As this was six years before Henrietta Marshall was born, Henrietta Valentine Marshall was clearly not her mother.  In fact, the identity of her parents is something of a mystery.

 Henrietta’s death certificate identifies her parents as Edward Marshall (born in England) and Mary DeLacey (born in France).  Henrietta was clearly raised by William Henry Marshall.  However, it is puzzling that he would have a daughter with the same name as his deceased wife.  Perhaps Henrietta was William’s niece.

 It is also interesting that William Marshall had a sister Helen, who married Andrew Delacey.  Helen and Andrew are found in the 1870 census living in New York City with two daughters, Florence (age 7) and Nellie (age 4).

1870 Census of Andrew and Helen Delacy, NY, NY

William Marshall’s youngest sister was named Mary.  At the time of Henrietta’s birth in 1864, Mary Marshall would have been about 16 years old.

From the 1880 federal census it’s clear that there has been a lot of change in the Marshall household during the 10 years since the last census.  William Marshall has married Maria Peterson, who was shown living with her mother a short distance away from the Marshall’s in the 1870 census.  William and Maria have had two children together.  Given that their oldest child together, Hattie, is 7, they were likely married around 1872.  By 1880, Henrietta, listed as Etta in the census, is the eldest sibling at home at age 16.

1880 Census Image of William H. Marshall family of Fleming, NY.

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