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201 By Fr Hendricks. Sps. Bernard Logsdon & Sarah Gallagher. Source (S965)
202 By Fr. Aitarpat. Wits; John Wallace & Loretta Logsdon. Don Egan Source (S1455)
203 By Fr. Brennan. Spns; Michael Flanigan & Catherine Flanigan. Don Egan Source (S3025)
204 By Fr. Brown. Sps. John Gallagher & Ann Kelly. Source (S3229)
205 By Fr. Carney. Sps. Bernard McCosker & Catherine Fitzgerald. Source (S2993)
206 By Fr. Carney. Sps: Michael Mattingly & Mary Catherine Cunningham. Source (S3228)
207 By Fr. Carney. Sps. John Logsdon & Bridget Arnold. [age 19 in 1880 Cen. in error. JML ] Source (S3171)
208 By Fr. Hendricks. Wtns. William Henry Porter & Bridget Sheridan. Source (S2384)
209 By Fr. James Logsdon. Spns; G.Logsdon & Anna M. Logsdon. Don Egan Source (S1453)
210 By Fr. O'Sullivan. Sps; Charles V. Ogden & Marie Lavina Ogden. JML Source (S1451)
211 By Fr. P.M.Manning. Sps; Patrick McCormack & Julia McCormack. Don Egan Source (S1452)
212 By Fr. P.R.Weider. Sps. Joseph Logsdon & Catherine McCusker. Don Egan Source (S2998)
213 By Fr. Teipe Source (S925)
214 By Fr.Brennan. Spns; Patrick Grimes & Martha Logsdon. Don Egan Source (S2997)
215 By Fr.Brennan. Spons; John Mattingly & Mary Logsdon. Source (S3167)
216 By Fr.Brennan. Sps. Agustine & Cecelia #67 (Logsdon) Brailer. [Sister of George] Source (S915)
217 By Fr.Brennan. Sps: Mrs William Logsdon. Source (S3166)
218 By Fr.Brennan. Sps; Joseph & Ellen Logsdon. Source (S3079)
219 By Fr.Brown. Sps. John Logsdon & Margaret Brennan. Source (S680)
220 By Fr.Brown. Sps; James Reynolds & Roseanna Murray Gallagher Source (S3172)
221 By Fr.Brown. Sps; Romanus Mattingly & Sally Gallagher. Source (S3170)
222 By Fr.Brown. Sps. Wm. Logsdon & Catherine Brennan. Source (S963)
223 By Fr.Carney. Sps. Patrick Gallagher & Susan Clarke. Source (S1811)
224 By Fr.Carney. Sps. Wm. McNally & Anne Kelly. Source (S3169)
225 By Fr.Carney. Sps; John & Margaret McCusker. Source (S2992)
226 By Fr.Carney. Sps; William Logsdon & Ann Gately. Source (S978)
227 By Fr.Carney. Sps; William Logsdon & Catherine Dean. Source (S52)
228 By Fr.Carney. Sps; Patrick Kelly & Martha Logsdon. Source (S2996)
229 By Fr.Hendricks. Sps; H.L. Logsdon & Ellen Logsdon. Source (S3254)
230 By Fr.Hendricks. Sps. Francis Shaffer & Elizabeth Harden. Source (S966)
231 By J.W. Icenbarger min. p.106 Knox Co., OH records. JML Source (S1299)
232 By Msgr Edward Trenor. JML Source (S1939)
233 By Msgr. Edward Trenor Source (S2862)
234 By Msgr. Edward Trenor. JML Source (S1940)
235 by Rev George M. Kloster. Witnesses ? Source (S2408)
236 by W.M.Ferguson min p308 Knox Co., OH record. JML Source (S807)
237 C-section Source (S1962)
238 c1771 on Fred. Co. MD rent roles 1792 on Madison Co. KY rent roles 15 Oct 1779 a John Durbin listed as killed at Boone's Fort ??? Durbin, John (I453)
239 Came to Howard Twnsp. Knox Co. Ohio 1805. In this trip, one horse was used, two children being swung in sacks across the horse, the mother and other child riding. In 1808 he moved his family to the vicinity of the present town of Danville where his father and brothers soon joined them. Was Justice of the Peace in Danville in 1809 and was re-elected in 1812. Was an ensign in Capt. John Greer's Co. War of 1812. Was administrator of father's estate 1 Jan 1811. He was commonly called "Mountain George." The preceding is from "A History of the Sapp Family" by Sapp and Stanley (1910).

His father was John Sapp whose father was a George Sapp. John lived in Cumberland, Allegany Co. MD at one time. Served in War1812 in Jacob Young's Co. 
Sapp, George (Mountain) (I735)
240 Came to New York City around 1820 according to the 1855 NY state census that state she had resided in the city for 35 years. Same entry notes that she was born in Westchester County. Ida, Edna (I12412)
241 Came to Ohio in 1843 with father & mother. Durbin, Peter (I466)
242 Came to the U.S. in 1840 according to son Michael Jr. obituary in Loudenville Ohio newspaper Jan. 23, 1913. Listed on p 454 in 1850 Cen. Jefferson Co., OH as "Haroman". Source (S277)
243 Came to the US in 1838 landed NYC. Said to have been a shipboard romance. Ship named Wanstead from London. From Hosfeld Family history. JML Losh, Joseph (I2036)
244 Cannot find in StLuke records. JML Source (S2620)
245 Caretaker of Bender Theatre Kenyon College Gambier, Ohio JML Logsdon, Paul Fenton (I16)
246 Caroline Gatton Logsdon died from shock following compound fracture of L. arm Gatton, Caroline (I195)
247 Carson lists her as Mary Ann. An Ill. source has it George Buzzard. St.Luke's Knox Co. OH has a 30 Jul 1837 baptism for Mary Catherine of John & Mary (Winebrenner) Durbin. Durbin, Mary Catherine (I4893)
248 Carson says born 20 Oct 1786. Vol 1 p538. JML Source (S1932)
249 Catherine (Logsdon?) Ogg appears on Union Twp. Knox Co.OH Census 1840, age 50/60. Living with two Males 15/20 years. On the 1850 Census she is shown liv- ing with John Ogg age 25. "Her father may be a David Logsdon"? This from a letter to E.C.Logsdon dtd. 1907 written by Rosetta Bevons Eagle Rock RFD, Los Angeles, CA. I believe her father was William #925 /o Lawrence#2090. JML Logsdon, Catherine (I217)
250 Catherine was married 1st to an Ogg and had children, Moses Ogg and James Ogg. Durbin, Catherine (I4554)

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